About the Journal

SAMAJ JIJNASA is an Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences covering the broad fields and subjects like Sociology, Political science, History, Economics, Social Anthropology, Social Work and General Studies etc., and published by the Vidyasagar Centre for Social Sciences, Midnapore, West Bengal.

The Editorial Office of the Journal is located in Midnapure Town, Dist & P.O- Midnapore, West Bengal (721101). For communications and record keeping pertaining to the publication and distribution of Journal the address of the Chief Editor concerned shall be used as the postal and email address specifically to be printed in the journal itself.


In conformity with the stated objectives of the Vidyasagar Centre for Social Sciences, Midnapore, the First Executive Committee of the Centre decided to bringing  out a Journal of the Centre entitled Samaj Jijnasa in Bengali without delay and entrusted the responsibilities to the Secretary and the joint Secretaries of the centre for its publications periodically. Prof. Anil Kumar Jana, Founder Secretary of the Centre, was designated the Editor of the journal. Prof. Sankar Majumdar and Prof. Debnarayan Modak, both joint Secretaries, came forward with their unending enthusiasm to materialise the initiative. Eventually the first issue of the journal was brought out on 23 February 1997 at a function presided over by professor Amiya Kumar Deb, Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University and Ex- officio President of the Centre. Since then attempts are made for publication of the journal annually. But the periodicity in publication could not be maintained subsequently in view of involvement and engagement of the Centre in ‘Total Literacy and Post Literacy Programme’ launched in the district. There had been inordinate delays in timely publication of the journal for sometimes, though continuity was maintained. The Tenth Volume of the journal has been published, though not exactly one volume in a year. Financial constraints, want of logistic support coupled with non-availability of sufficient number of standard articles in Bengali hindered the process of on time . To some extent now the problems are overcome and continuity is restored with occasional delays. Some interested persons have come forward in the meantime to help the process of timely publication. However, the sequence is being maintained all along. It is expected that the Journal will itself be able to establish its distinctive identity as a journal of social science in Bengali to cater to the needs of teachers, students and scholars with the passage of time.


Creation of an educational and academic environment that allows students, scholars and teachers to develop their intellectual and professional faculties to foster a strong sense of social accountability and ethical values.


Development of a group of dynamic and committed scholars and professionals who could lead a sustainable intellectual environment and further strengthening the quality network with established educationists and academic contributors.


  • Encouragement and undertaking of publications of articles – Papers (Original and research oriented) in the fields of social sciences covering social, political, economic, sociological and other aspects of human life and activities ;
  • Publication of evaluative studies, schemes and projects carried out by teachers, students, researchers, social workers and other interested persons;
  • Identification and development of an emerging forum of contributors, readers, writers and social analysts to strengthen the process of building a knowledge society;
  • Facilitation of studies of Global, Regional and Local issues and problems,and publications there of in Regional languages (Bengali);
  • Encouragement and cultivation of creative faculties in the young scholars, students and investigators with a view to freeing them from all dogmatic myths and beliefs.
  • Creation of an atmosphere in which ideas can be expressed, exchanged and debated in the process of determining the needs and priorities of the society in general and academic community in particular so as to heighten the process of developing a society – more rational, democratic and humane.


  • To work with a spirit of responsibility, honesty, integrity, expertise and collaboration.
  • To think with quality, efficiency, transparency, flexibility and openness.
  • To cultivate a comprehenssive understanding of global educational development and its application in the context of our national perspectives to set the standards for building knowledge society.
  • To continuously explore and follow best educational practices.
  • To encourage respect and commitment towards the philosophy and spirit outlined in our Constitution.


Name of the Journal - Samaj Jijnasa (in Bengali), Bilingual (wef. 2021)
ISSN Number - 2321- 158X Samaj Jijnasa
Scope and coverage of the journal - Subjects including Sociology,Polithical Science,History,Econimics,Social Anthropology,Social Work and General Studies,etc.
Medium of Publication - Bengali, Bilingual (Bengali & English) wef. 2021
Nature of Publication- Printed, Hard Copy (Also available online free after 3 months)
Periodicity- Annually ( By December Each year)
Publisher - Dr. Anil Kumar Jana
Director and Secretary
Vidyasagar Centre for Social Sciences,Midnapore
F-4, Bidhan Nagar, P.O.Midnapore (721101)
Dist: Midnapore West, West Bengal, India
Contact Number: 9434414340 (M)
Email > anilkjana.vu@gmail.com
Period of Regular Publication - Since, 2010
Charges / Donations levied from
Contributors / authors -
Provision for
Complimentary Copies:-
Yes (Reviewers, contributors, Libraries, NISCAIR etc.)
Process of selection of manuscripts / articles,etc:- Peer-Review System
Website:- www.samaj-jijnasa.in


Professor Asok Kumar Mukhopadhyay

    • Former Netaji Subhas Chair Professor of Political Science, University of Calcutta, and
      Former Emeritus Fellow in Political Science (UGC) New Delhi and
      Former Professor at Indian Institute of Public Administration
      New Delhi.
      email > akm1940@gmail.com

Professor Sobhanlal Duttagupta

Professor Samir Kumar Das

    • Professor and Head, Department of Political Science,University of Calcutta and
      Former Vice-Chancellor, North Bengal University, West Bengal
      email > samirdascu@gmail.com

Professor Apurba Kumar Mukhopadhyay

    • Former Professor of Political Science at Netaji Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata and former Head and Professor in Political Science, University of Burdwan
      email > mukhopadhyayapurba@gmail.com

Professor Manas Kumar Chakrabarty

    • Former Head and Professor in Political Science
      North Bengal University, West Bengal and
      Emeritus Fellow in Political Science (UGC)
      email > chakrabarty.manas@gmail.com

Professor Debi Chatterjee

    • Former Head and Professor in International Relations
      Jadavpur University. West Bengal.
      email > debichat@yahoo.com

Professor Ambarish Mukhopadhyay

    • Professor in Political Science with Rural Administration
      Vidyasagar University, Midnapore,West Bengal.
      email > amukherji_01@yahoo.co.in

Professor Mohammad Shafi

    • Former Head and Professor in History
      Rajshahi University. Bangladesh
      email > shafinitu@gmail.com

Professor Balai Chandra Barui

    • Former Professor and Head of History, Kalyani University and
      former Professor in History, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal
      email > balaichandrabarui@yahoo.in

Professor Projit Palit

    • Professor of Hisory, Assam University, Silchar,Assam.
      email > projitkumarpalit@gmail.com

Gautam Chandra Roy

    • Associate Professor in History
      Vidyasagar University, West Bengal
      email > gautamchandoroy@gmail.com

Professor Swapan Kumar Pramanick

    • Former Professor in Sociology,University of Calcutta and former
      Vice-Chancellor, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal.
      email > swapankp@gmail.com

Professor S.A.H Moinuddin

    • Professor of Sociology
      Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, West Bengal

Professor Pranab Chatterjee

    • Professor of Economics
      Viswa Bharati, West Bengal
      email > pranab1955@yahoo.com

Professor Arup Kumar chattopadhyay

    • Former Head and Professor of Economics
      University of Burdwan, West Bengal
      email > arup.chatto@yahoo.co.in

Professor Santosh Kumar Pal

    • Head and Professor of Philosophy
      University of Burdwan, West Bengal
      Email > palsantoshkbu@gmail.com


[With effect from 2018]

Dr. Anil Kumar Jana
Former Head and Professor in Political Science
Vidyasagar University and Emeritus Fellow (UGC)
Midnapore, West Bengal.
Contact No :- (M) 9434414340
email > anilkjana.vu@gamil.com


Dr Shakti Pada Pal
Former Associate Professor in Political Science
Kharagpur College,West Midnapore , West Bengal .
Contact No :- 03222-261988 (M) 8637590061
email > saktipadapal325@gmail.com



Dr Debnarayan Modak
Former Professor in Political Science
Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata and
Former Head of the Department of Political Science
Vidyasagar University, West Bengal .
Contact No :- (M) 9434552600
email > modakdeb123@gmail.com

Dr Sujaya Sarkar
Professor in History
Vidyasagr University, West Bengal
Contact No :- (M) 9434455230
email > sujayasarkarvu@gmail.com

Dr Aparnita Bhattacharjee
Associate Professor in History
Midnapore College (Autonomous), West Bengal
Contact No :- (M) 9734969379
email > aparnita.bhattacharjee@midnaporecollege.ac.in